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Implementing Computer-Assisted Motivational Intervention (CAMI)

Estimated Costs of Implementation

Last Updated

May 2014


Average Cost per Family

According to a cost-effectiveness study of CAMI, the average cost per participant was $1,322 (in 2009 dollars). For CAMI+, the average cost per participant was $2,735 (in 2009 dollars). These estimates included staff recruitment and salaries, staff training, CAMI software and laptops, and participant recruitment.


Labor Costs

The staff required to implement CAMI with 87 participants included a program director, a program coordinator, a motivational interviewing consultant, and the CAMI counselors. The combined labor costs totaled $94,824 (in 2009 dollars):

  • Program director: $19,818
  • Program coordinator: $31,654
  • Motivational interviewing consultant: $2,202
  • CAMI counselors: $41,150

To implement CAMI+ with 80 participants, the combined labor costs totaled $177,124 (in 2009 dollars). Salaries for the director, coordinator, and consultant were the same as for CAMI, whereas salaries for the CAMI+ counselors totaled $123,450. The higher labor costs for CAMI counselors implementing CAMI+ resulted from smaller caseloads: CAMI counselors implementing CAMI had caseloads of 60 participants, and CAMI counselors implementing CAMI+ had caseloads of 25 participants. Staff recruitment expenses for CAMI totaled $864. These expenses for CAMI+ totaled $1,536.


Purchase of Model or Operating License

No information is available about the costs of operating the program.


Materials and Forms

A hard copy of the program replication kit containing one set of all program materials is available for $185 (in 2014 dollars) through PASHA. A user’s guide can be downloaded for $12 (in 2014 dollars). Materials are licensed for use in one implementation site.


Training and Technical Assistance

Training of the CAMI counselors cost $2,136 (in 2009 dollars). Training costs for the CAMI+ counselors totaled $3,545 (in 2009 dollars). No information is available on the number of CAMI or CAMI+ counselors trained.



The CAMI intervention used laptops and specially designed software that cost $2,651 (in 2009 dollars) for 87 participants. These costs to implement CAMI+ with 80 participants totaled $4,648 (in 2009 dollars) as a result of the increased number of laptops required.


Recruitment and Retention

The costs associated with recruiting and retaining 87 CAMI participants totaled $11,582 (in 2009 dollars) and $11,814 (in 2009 dollars) for 80 CAMI+ participants.



The information contained on this page was last updated in May 2014. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Beth Barnet from the University of Maryland on April 21, 2014. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.