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Implementing Child Parent Enrichment Project (CPEP)

Prerequisites for Implementation

Last Updated

April 2012


Type of Implementing Agency

CPEP was provided by a nonprofit community-based organization in Contra Costa County, CA.


Staffing Requirements

Public health, education, or social service professionals referred clients to CPEP after assessing clients during routine meetings to determine whether their circumstances might be risk factors for child abuse. Paraprofessional parenting consultants delivered the program components. Parenting consultants were paired with parents from the same geographic community and of the same racial/ethnic background. No information is available regarding supervisor or coordinator roles.


Staff Education and Experience

CPEP used paraprofessional parenting consultants who either were mothers or had significant infant caregiving responsibilities. No information is available regarding the minimum education requirements for the parenting consultants or minimum education or experience requirements for other staff.


Supervision Requirements

Parenting consultants were primarily supervised as a group, with consultation provided as needed.

No information about the ratio of supervisors to home visitors is available.


Staff Ratio Requirements

Parenting consultants each carried a caseload of about 10 families and worked 20 hours per week.


Data Systems/Technology Requirements

No information is available.



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