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Implementing Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up (ABC) Intervention

Meets DHHS criteria for an evidenced based model

Prerequisites for Implementation

Last Updated

May 2016


Type of Implementing Agency

The ABC Intervention is implemented primarily by agencies working with foster parents, adoptive parents, and high-risk birth parents through home visitation.


Staffing Requirements

The ABC Intervention is implemented by parent coaches who conduct home visits. The program development team provides all initial supervision. Training for program sites to provide ongoing supervision is available.


Staff Education and Experience

Parent coaches are required to have a bachelor's degree and experience working with high-risk families, and to pass a screening process.


Supervision Requirements

Each week for one year, parent coach trainees must participate in two supervision meetings with the program development team via videoconference. These meetings are:

  • Group clinical supervision. A one-hour meeting of two or three trainees with a supervisor who has an advanced degree; the meeting includes review of session videos.
  • “In the moment” commenting supervision. A 30-minute individual supervision meeting with a trained staff member at the University of Delaware. Before each supervision meeting, the parent coach and supervisor code the parent coach’s use of commenting in a 5-minute videotaped segment from the parent coach’s case. The goal of the supervision is to enhance comment quality and frequency by supporting parent coaches’ assessment of their own commenting.


Staff Ratio Requirements

A full-time parent coach can visit up to 10 families per week.


Data Systems/Technology Requirements

To implement the program, staff must have access to laptop computers, the Internet, and video cameras.



The information contained on this page was last updated in May 2016. Recommended Further Reading lists the sources for this information. In addition, the information contained in this profile was reviewed for accuracy by Drs. Mary Dozier and Caroline Roben on March 21, 2016. HomVEE reserves the right to edit the profile for clarity and consistency.